Photography in Portpatrick

Travel Photography in Portpatrick

Portpatrick Lighthouse
Why you should choose Portpatrick for your next Photography holiday

Named Country File Magazine's Holiday Destination of the Year, Dumfries & Galloway is the secret gem of Scotland.

"an overlooked corner whose time has come" - Dixe Wills

Tucked away in the south west corner is the picturesque village of Portpatrick. And we think that if you're planning a trip to the region this year, then we should definitely be on your radar. Especially if capturing that perfect photo is your goal!

We ran a #PortpatrickPics competition for visitors and locals to showcase what the village has to offer.

Congratulations to our winners

Mark Shannon, Dooj Brawls, Andrea Collins and Heidi G

  • Storm Frank 2015 - Mark Shannon
    Storm Frank 2015 - Mark Shannon
  • Portpatrick Harbour Boats - Andrea Collins
    Portpatrick Harbour Boats - Andrea Collins
  • Portpatrick Lighthouse - Dooj Brawls
    Portpatrick Lighthouse - Dooj Brawls
  • Portpatrick Beach - Heidi G
    Portpatrick Beach - Heidi G

There's such variation of scenery around Portpatrick. From dramatic and lonely vistas across the Irish sea from the rugged cliff tops, the unique and charming harbour with some of the best sunsets in the country, to the tranquillity of the Southern Upland way.

But it isn't just scenic photography that Portpatrick is suited for. Benefiting from a Gulf Stream climate, during the summer months there are plenty of opportunities to capture more action shots. Water sports such as kayaking or fishing, golf with the dramatic backdrop of Ireland on the horizon, or biking along Scotland's coast to coast route.

As well as wildlife photography. Again the Gulf Stream means a cornucopia of indigenous wildlife that you just won't find elsewhere in Scotland. Along with protected bird species gracing the sky.

These reasons and more are why Portpatrick should be your next travel photography destination.